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What is the best way to get in contact?

The best ways to contact me are through the websites contact form, or by sending me an email at I will do my best to respond within 48 hours. If you prefer to connect via telephone, please let me know your number in the email or contact form you send.

Will my extended health plan cover counselling?

If you have extended health benefits through work, school, or a family member, you may qualify for a substantial reimbursement of your fees.  Many third-party insurance companies in BC recognize and reimburse the fees for Registered Clinical Counsellors. I strongly encourage you to contact your plan administrator for more information. I do not offer direct billing.

How frequent are sessions?

 The frequency of sessions is ultimately determined by you and is usually influenced by the level of support you desire, and what you have time and resources for. Typically at the start of working together we would meet weekly or bi-weekly, possibly even monthly. Over time we would collaborate together to determine what works best for you.

Where is the location of your office, is it accessible?

The location is: 2025 Willingdon Ave Suite 900, Burnaby, BC V5C 0J3.
There is free underground parking labeled "office visitor parking", and the office is located directly on bus and skytrain connections.
The office is wheelchair accessible.

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